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My Pal 2

AED 40.00

My Pal 2
ISBN: 9789669766915

Product Description

My Pal 2
My Pal 2 – the second stage in learning English with our series based entirely on Cambridge standards. This stage takes into account the theories of progress, that is one of the most important things in learning English.
Built on basis of the previous book – My Pal 2 is a great manual for continue journey into English world.
Manual with bright illustrations that balanced with text materials, modern design and lexis that is actual for today – it`s a right choice for teaching.
My Pal 2
Nowadays, kids are very smart and active, that’s why My Pal 2 takes to the account their life needs and potential possibilities.
Such rubrics as Reading is fun! dedicated after each unit in the Learner`s book for reading enrichment so that is addresses learners with advanced achievement. Today`s word – rubric at the bottom of each lesson.
The word were chosen according to what Cambridge classified as the most commonly used words in each stage. Besides, it consists such pages as Writing is fun!, explaining the strategies of academic writing in all its varieties and many other rubrics. And, also, Activity book for full English learning experience.

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