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Playhouse / Student’s Book with MultiROM / Level 4

////Playhouse / Student’s Book with MultiROM / Level 4
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Playhouse / Student’s Book with MultiROM / Level 4

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Product Description

The Playhouse® series isa six-level program thatfocuses on developing andintegrating the ELL studentskills in conversation, reading,vocabulary, phonics, sentencebuilding, and writing.Join the Playhouse® Kids, Lilly,Max, Yoshi, and Jenny, as theyexplore their community andworld from their playhouse.ELL students will learn aboutothers and build confidence incommunication and languageskills.The Playhouse® series uses a creative, active approachto developing language. Aligned with TESOL standards, allPlayhouse® programs include a comprehensive teacher’sbook and a range of resources, including interactive MultiROMcomputer activities, a workbook, flashcards, posters, and moreat every level to ensure that the learning experience is engaging,interesting, and successful.