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AED 25.00

This is a story about Hamad, an Emirati youth who loves to play football. After an argument with a classmate on the field, he learns the importance of understanding someone’s feelings and sharing, using his leadership role among his friends to take a stand against bullying and making a new friend in the process.

Product Description

This story not only provides the readers with the opportunity to practice reading, but it also promotes vocabularyimprovement with 10 words in the B1-B2 range, as well as 2 challenge words. Along with the vocabulary exercise, there are 4 questions provided to readers that give them the opportunity to practice answering different types of questions involving vocabulary and synonyms (Q1), critical thinking (Q2), (Q3), and open-ended questions (Q4). The story concludes with an exercise that allows the readers to practise inference questions with the aid of a picture theycan use to complete the story in their own words. There are also several examples of popular idioms in the story to help the reader to become familiar with idiom use in reading.

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