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My Pal 4

AED 50.00

My Pal 4
ISBN: 9789669766939

Product Description

My Pal 4
My Pal 4 – The structure of this book is built on the basis of three previous levels. It also includes a big amount of authentic interracial dialogues, which helps to joy students to another cultures.

My Pal 4 gives an opportunity for students to reveal their special features, that’s why the book is full of tasks requiring critical thinking and creative answers.
This book is built with accordance to the latest findings in sphere of foreign language teaching methodology. It also includes functional grammar that helps to recognize all the structures the way more easily.
My Pal 4
Given tasks work out all of 4 main language skills: listening, reading, speaking and writing. Oriented on those basic skills – we put essential training development to make studying interesting and high-qualitied.

Today`s word, Reading is fun!, Writing is fun!, Spelling bee – it`s just a part of what My Pal do to help students dive into English and discover another culture easy and interesting. And, also, Activity book for full English learning e xperience.

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