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My Pal 3

AED 50.00

My Pal 3
ISBN: 9789669766922

Product Description

My Pal 3
My Pal 3 – the third stage in learning English with My Pal English series. This stage takes into account the theories of progress, evaluation, learning, teaching and and theories of multiple intelligences.
Built on basis of the previous book – My Pal 3 is a right choice for continue learning English. Manual with bright illustrations that balanced with text materials, modern design and modern vocabulary and functional grammar– it`s a right choice for teaching.
By the way, the book is flexible. For example, a teacher can give up enrichment if the learner`s level requires that and vice versa.
My Pal 3
Nowadays kids are very smart and active, My Pal 2 takes to the account their life needs and potential possibilities.
Today`s word, Reading is fun!, Writing is fun!, Spelling bee – it`s just a part of what My Pal do to help students dive into English and discover another culture with joy. The book is seems to be completely Lego.
The book gives teacher a freedom of what to choose for every student according to his or her level And, also, Activity book for full English learning experience.

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