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Family and Friends Readers 1 Benny and the Biscuits

///Family and Friends Readers 1 Benny and the Biscuits
  • 9780194802543_mediumw

Family and Friends Readers 1 Benny and the Biscuits

AED 55.00

Family and Friends Readers 1 Benny and the Biscuits

Author: Kathryn Harper

Illustrator: Richard watson

Isbn: 9780194802543

Level: level 1

Product Description

Exceptionally strong skills training – that’s what you get with Family and Friends.


The clear methodology, with objectives for every lesson, and carefully staged activities support your children’s learning.

So do the controlled ‘Skills Time’ programmes in every unit – and their listening, speaking and literacy skills will continually improve.

Phonics is straightforward and fun! The progression is specially written for non-native speakers, meaning each sound is taught in a way that’s easy to understand.

The writing activities are very well structured and train essential sub-skills too, such as punctuation, so children feel ready to do their own personalised writing in the Workbook and worksheets from the Photocopy Masters Book.

For fun in class, teach your lessons through a wide range of linked print and digital resources – so they meet the needs of students with different learning styles. Why not try the interactive writing posters and the phonics cards or the chants and the drills?

Do you need help preparing for tests?

There are print-ready practice papers for international exams such as CYLET or you can customize tests to practise a particular language point or to suit mixed ability classes.

But it’s not only about academic success – Family and Friends develops the whole child too. The values syllabus helps children develop social and emotional skills which guarantee success in the classroom and at home.