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Mission IELTS 1 Academic

///Mission IELTS 1 Academic
  • Mission Ielts 1 Academic

Mission IELTS 1 Academic

AED 135.00

Mission IELTS 1 Academic

Level: Advanced
CEF Level: B2
Authors: Mary Spratt, Bob Obee
Isbn: 9781849746625
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Product Description

Mission IELTS 1 Academic is the first in a two-course book series which aims to help students to achieve their potential for success in the IELTS exam. Each of its thematic units aims to develop the core language and skills needed for success in one of the IELTS papers. Its innovative unit structure enables the user to focus in-depth on language and skills to improve performance in the different sections of each paper and provides thorough exam awareness training and practice for the different tasks in these papers. The series is complete with a General Training course supplement.

Key Features

  • Theme-based units from a wide variety of authentic sources.
  • Innovative unit structure dovetailing language, skills and exam preparation work.
  • Lexical exercises practising and activating essential vocabulary areas including collocations, phrasal verbs, and theme-based expressions and phrases.
  • Task-based vocabulary and grammar development sections in every unit.
  • Realistic listening and speaking tasks.
  • Extensive coverage of all exam tasks in all four IELTS papers.
  • Preparation and exam tips as well as practice sections in every unit.
  • Regular revision and exam practice units.
  • Grammar reference section.
  • Sample answer sheets.


Mission IELTS 1 General Training Supplement aims to help students achieve their potential for success in the IELTS General Training Module. This book can be used either as a stand alone short course of the specific General Training Reading and Writing papers or as part of a comprehensive course of preparation for the whole test in conjunction with the Listening and Speaking units of Mission IELTS 1 Academic. Each unit in the General Training Supplement is thematically linked to one of the Speaking and Listening units in the Mission IELTS 1 thus providing for an integrated and more comprehensive course of General Training Preparation.

Key Features

  • Theme-based units from a wide variety of authentic sources.
  • Units thematically linked to the Speaking and Listening units of Mission IELTS 1.
  • Extensive coverage of all skills and exam task focuses in the General Training Reading and Writing Papers.
  • Preparation and Exam tips as well as exam practice sections in every unit.

Full General Training Practice Test.

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