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Hamilton Reader 3 – Peter Pan

///Hamilton Reader 3 – Peter Pan
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Hamilton Reader 3 – Peter Pan

AED 25.00

Hamilton Reader 3 – Peter Pan

Number of Pages: 36

Publisher: Hamilton house Publishers

ISBN: 9789925310364

Product Description

Peter Pan is the well-known story about a boy who can fly and his adventures on the the island of Neverland with Wendy and her brothers, Tinker Bell the Fairy, the Lost Boys and a pirate called Captain Hook.

Hamilton House Primary Classic Readers is a three-level collection of classic tales including some of the best-loved children’s stories. The tales have been carefully adapted for learners of English. The Books are graded in terms of vocabulary and grammar to reflect students’ capabilities at primary level.

Each book contains:

beautiful colour illustrations to motivate students in their reading.
a picture glossary at the back of each book to build readers’ vocabulary.
an activity section designed to revise and consolidate the vocabulary found in each book.
an e-book with animaiton and a dramatised narration performed by professional actors.