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Little Stars 2

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Little Stars 2

AED 55.00

Little Stars 2

CEF Level: A1
Authors: Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans
Isbn: 9781471533822

Product Description

Little Stars is a highly motivating course specially designed for young learners. Through the adventures of two fun-loving mice, Cecil Mouse and Ellie May, the students have the opportunity to experience the English language and American culture in an effective and appealing way.

Key Features

  • A carefully graded syllabus to expose young learners to the essentials of the English language at this level
  • Memorable and enjoyable presentation of language through flashcards and posters
  • Appealing songs and chants to present, practice and review the key language
  • A cartoon in every unit following the delightful adventures of Cecil Mouse and Ellie May
  • Circle-time activities, games
  • An introduction to the American way of life
  • Arts & Crafts, promoting a hands-on approach to learning
  • A built-in story, The Little Red Hen, promoting reading for pleasure
  • Nursery Songs
  • Detailed Teacher’s Book with a versatile Resource Ban

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