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ACHIEVE – Self Study Exam Preparation for EmSAT

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ACHIEVE – Self Study Exam Preparation for EmSAT

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EmSAT English Achieve

Description: Student’s Book + Online Digital Resource

Publisher: Macmillan Education

ISBN: 9781380052223

Authors: Dr. Amira H. Traish, Dr. Scott Lauder, Shabnam Fatima, Dima M. Ibrahim

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Product Description

The EmSAT (Emirates Standardized Test) is a standardized, computer-based test based on the United Arab Emirates national standard. The objective of the test is to ensure that students in UAE are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively participate in a global society.

Currently, there are three types of EmSAT exams being used in the UAE:

  1. Baseline Test – measures Grade 1 skills and knowledge, and provides data about the performance of Grade 1 students as they transition from Kindergarten to general education.
  2. Advantage Test – tracks the development of students during their general education. This provides decision makers with data about the performance of students in Grades 4, 6, 8, and 10.
  3. EmSAT English Achieve – measures the knowledge and skills of Grade 12 students as they complete their general education and move on to higher education. This test provides decision makers with data for college admission and placement.

The intent of this book is to aid successful completion of the EmSAT English Achieve exam. Explanations, practice examples, and context clues have been provided to facilitate comprehension of the important principles provided in this book.

EmSAT English Achieve

Total time for test: 2 hours

There is a total of 130 questions on the exam.

EmSAT English Achieve assesses the extent to which a test taker is ready to study in an English-medium college or university. It is a computer-based exam and has six major sections: Grammar, Vocabulary, Sentence construction, Cloze reading, Extended reading, and Writing. Test

Sections, questions, and options are randomized for most of the test. Sections and subsections of the test are timed by the computer. Test takers can see how much time they have left at any point during the examination process.