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Collins Big Cat – Good Fun Farm

///Collins Big Cat – Good Fun Farm
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Collins Big Cat – Good Fun Farm

AED 25.00

Collins Big Cat – Good Fun Farm

Author: Ian Whybrow, Illustrated by Jonathan Allen, Series edited by Cliff Moon, Prepared for publication by Collins Big Cat
Format: Paperback
Publication Date: 05-01-2005
ISBN: 978-0-00-718605-1
Pages: 24

Product Description


At Good Fun Farm, the animals are fed up. The sign says Good Fun Farm, but they never have any fun. Then the smallest duckling makes an interesting discovery. Soon everyone on the farm is having fun … find out how.

• Turquoise/ Band 7 books offer literay language and extended descriptions, with longer sentences and a wide range of unfamiliar terms.

• Text type – A humorous story.

• An illustration on pages 22 and 23 labels the animals at their game of football, allowing children to look back on the key characters and retell the story in their own words.

• Curriculum links – PE: Games and activities.

• This book has been levelled for Reading Recovery.